Connecting Solar to the Grid

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THE Steps involved in applying for Horizon Power’s solar offering

1) Call us on 1800 931 996. Together, we can work out if your home is eligible to be connected to the grid.

2) We’ll explore your usage patterns, the installation process, provide a free onsite inspection and then provide a quote.

3) We will complete an online application form to connect to Horizon Power’s network, on your behalf.

There are no application fees for standard applications. For those applications that require more detailed technical assessments (systems that include generation or Feed-in Management) additional fees may apply.

4) Horizon Power have said that they will notify us both in writing within 10 working days to let us know the outcome of your application.

5) Once Horizon Power have given us the green light we can proceed with the installation within three months of the approved application, otherwise the approval to connect will lapse and Horizon Power will request that you reapply.