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Off-Grid solar is more economical than diesel

Cheap and reliable energy is available in the Kimberley. Our off-grid power systems integrate the latest lithium battery technology to  provide low-cost and reliable power. 

Our Guarantee


We offer a 25 year performance guarantee on PV panels and a 10 year warranty on batteries and inverters.


The Kimberley is saturated in solar energy. The cost in implementing solar solutions to harness this energy can be paid off in a few years.


The future cost of diesel is an unknown and businesses cannot budget accurately for fluctuating fuel costs. The costs of implementing solar solutions are known and can easily be budgeted for.


Solar solutions require minimal servicing and, once installed, the installation can be monitored remotely.

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Outstations in the Kimberley can rely on solar to power all plant and machinery


Power your eco-tourist resort on 100% renewable energy


Call us or come into the workshop when you’re next in town to discuss your power requirements (timings and loads) and to explore options to move towards energy independence.

What we offer

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Peace of mind and peace and quiet