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Remote Communities and Power Utilities


reliable, off-grid energy solutions

Generator and Off-Grid Energy’s multi-disciplined engineering team thrives on designing robust power solutions. 

We have experience in the development and deployment of systems for megawatt-scale micro-grids, grid-connected battery-energy storage systems and utility scale Solar PV.

Wherever you are in the Kimberley, our team can design solar and hybrid solutions to power any sized community including all major towns.


Solar will help to reduce remote Indigenous communities’ reliance on diesel power stations and provide long term independence.

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Key utilities in Western Australia are substituting solar battery technology for ageing power infrastructure in remote areas.


Call us or, when you’re next in town, come into the workshop to discuss your power requirements (timings and loads) and to explore options to move towards energy independence.

What we offer

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Solar power can free you from unpredictable diesel costs