Energy for the Kimberley


Generators and Off-Grid Energy

We are specialist solar battery engineers, designers and installers. We employ local staff and pride ourselves on our engineering and construction skills for energy solutions that meet the tough conditions here in the Kimberley.

Whatever application you have in mind for solar we can design and specify, model the economic return, deliver and maintain the system.

  • We build energy solutions that can free you from the grid or reduce your diesel costs.

  • We offer a range of rental, maintenance, sales and professional services to the Kimberley.

  • We have generators and solar electrical equipment in stock in Broome.

  • Our committed team has over 35 years’ experience in the Energy Industry.

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Off-Grid solar is more economical than diesel

Cheap and reliable energy is available in the Kimberley. John Davidson and his team have over 35 years working with solar solutions.


The Kimberley is saturated in solar energy. The cost of implementing solar solutions to harness this energy can be paid off in a few years.

Free from the Grid

Battery technology has improved and complete off-grid solutions are a reality.

predictable costs

The future cost of diesel is an unknown and businesses cannot budget accurately for fluctuating fuel costs. The costs of implementing solar solutions are known and can easily be budgeted for.

minimal servicing

Solar solutions require minimal servicing and, once installed, the installation can be monitored remotely.

Maintained from Broome.

Monitored from Broome.


“We design and build cost effective and serviceable solutions for the Kimberley.”

John Davidson  |  managing director

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John Davidson established EMC in 2004 before it was purchased by Carnegie Clean Energy in 2016.  John now calls Broome home and established Generators and Off-Grid Energy in 2017.

John Davidson established EMC in 2004 before it was purchased by Carnegie Clean Energy in 2016.

John now calls Broome home and established Generators and Off-Grid Energy in 2017.

Our History

Generators & Off-Grid Energy is built on the strength of its people. Our senior management team is highly respected for their specialist knowledge and experience in their given fields. 

Prior to founding Generators & Off-Grid Energy in 2017, John Davidson established EMC Solar Limited (EMC) in 2004 to develop and deploy solar opportunities across Australia. EMC was purchased by ASX’s Carnegie Clean Energy in 2016. 

With John’s direction EMC became a major solar power infrastructure generator and manager in the Australian clean energy market. From commissioning the first grid-connected solar power station in Carnarvon to securing an electricity retail license, EMC lead the way in excellence for engineering, innovation and project delivery in the clean energy sector.

Through their experience at EMC, Generators & Off-Grid Energy’s senior team including our Managing Director; John, our Chief Financial Operator; Jega, and our lead electrician; James, were involved in many solar engineering projects from small residential solutions through to commissioning the Carnarvon Power Station in 2012.

Based in Broome, the team at Generators & Off-Grid Energy has proven experience in delivering commercial and utility scale solar PV integration on a megawatt scale. Click here to read more about some of the projects our team has been involved in.

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For the Kimberley

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Kimberley community we;

WE Support our local community

At Generators and Off-Grid Energy, we;

  • employ locally based personnel 

  • work in cooperation with Nirumbuk Aboriginal Corporation as part of our Indigenous employment strategy 

We’re stocked and prepared for rapid deployment

We keep a range of generators (from 3Kva - 200Kva) for hire and sale in Broome ready for rapid deployment to anywhere in the Kimberley at short notice.

We deliver our projects on time and in an efficient manner. As part of our approach we;

  • stock a large range of general electrical materials and parts

  • have in-house equipment and mobilisation assets including;

  • various solar PV panel brands and sizes

  • lithium batteries and ancillary equipment

  • multiple branded On-Grid and Off-Grid PV and battery inverters and all associated accessories and cabling

We support energy independence

We service a number of markets including Cattle Stations, Eco-Tourism, Agriculture, Indigenous Communities and Mining Operations. If you live and work in the Kimberley and want energy independence we want to help you.

We collaborate with other local organisations

Generators and Off-Grid Energy has been a member of the community and the Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry since February 2017. We support the Kimberley Pilbara Cattleman’s Association and we have a construction Joint Venture with local builder H&M Tracey Construction. We’re also part of a coalition of organisations called Energy Transformation Association for the Kimberley that is focused on securing cost efficient energy.

We’re an all-inclusive energy supplier for the Kimberley with key staff responsible for delivering projects between 5kW and 10MW. 


“Off-grid solutions can be designed to power all remote energy needs.”

Dan Healy | General Manager